Sunday, November 9, 2008

Insiders - 9 Nov 08 9am ABC

This week's should be interesting.

With the election of The Messiah a new POTUS. With O Man already making changes.

I just hope they don't join hands and sing.....

Oh, my goodness!
I hear the Tim-inator!

What did that bloke say about the recently executed Indon. terrorists?

There's three men that won't ever have to say they're sorry

Huh? (Considering that all the sorrys blowing around since 24/11/07 have been hollow gestures for show.)

Press conference with Treasurer Wayne Swan...

Inflation figures.... I'll just find the sheets on that....

slam dunk! (after three minutes, it's 3.5 from now until 09 and then 09-10 it's 3, in case your interested). Also, comment made that these press conferences are called without providing any information in hard copy to the press. That makes it awkward for the press... (and Woine would'a been able to ask a member of the press for their copy of the figures...)

Mike Rann - Yes We Can!

The whole programme.


(sorry I missed the first bit, had to nip out and hang up some sheets - and the sliding screen door stuck... two frogs jammed on the top track. I got them out - intact - and then had to put the sliding screen door back on it's track and that took a screwdriver and some doing.)


Skeeter said...

Enjoyed Tim Blair's inputs to The Insiders today. He has definitely changed the balance at that place.
I am no longer shouting at the television while watching the ABfC.

Foreign Affairs Minister Smith's performance was also excellent. If only Dear Leader would allow Smith to handle foreign affairs, it would be a better world for all of us.

Steve at the Pub said...

Swan clearly has done something to arouse the ire of some journalists.