Saturday, November 29, 2008

Juror suicide, wife seeks damages

THE widow of a juror who killed himself after serving on what was believed Victoria's longest murder trial is suing the Justice Department for compensation, claiming the case caused or aggravated his depressive illness.

The court case was regarding the Salt Night Club Killings in Melbourne.

James Huynh, 19, was chased from the nightclub down Chapel St in South Yarra before being hacked to death with samurai swords and knives close to the Yarra River on July 8, 2002.

His two cousins Nam, 21, and Viet Huynh, 25, drowned after jumping into the river to escape their attackers, fearing they would be chopped up.


Perhaps there should be more screening of jurors prior to particularly violent cases?


bruce said...

There may already be medical exemptions.

The wife may lose the case on the grounds that her husband should have brought his condition to the judge's attention, but perhaps the law is not clear.

The root cause of the man's suicide may be political correctness: his inability to comprehend the harsh reality of life in 'other cultures' versus the pop multiculti myth about picturesque orientals and their tasty food.

If people were just taught at school and were allowed to freely discuss the innate horrors of such cultures, as they used to in the 'bad' old days, then he would not have been fazed.

Just like all those people duped into going for holidays in Mumbai - are they crazy? Tour guides are misleading people and should be prosecuted. Evil Bombay was never a safe place for a holiday.

'India's 9/11' my arse. India has lived with 9/11 reality the 60 years of its modern existence, terror attacks every few years, often in Bombay. They've always known what treachery is in Pakistan. 9/11 was when the US began to see what friends the Pakistanis are, which Asians already knew. There got that off my chest.

bruce said...

Kae, I left Marrickville for good ten years ago after seeing a 10 yr old Viet girl shove a broken bottle in the face of another 10 yr old Viet girl, blood everywhere. Little cute girls, murdering each other at 10 yrs old. Heart of Darkness.

Then when a well-meaning local Anglo, dressed as a clown (! it was at a 'street festival') ran after the attacker girls and caught one, a teenage Viet boy appeared from nowhere to 'pursuade' him to let her go. There he was in his clown suit, a Newtown arty type 'street performer' confronting reality of 5T Gangs and ancient hatreds.

As Polanski or Jack Nicholson say, 'This is Chinatown'. Or whatever.