Thursday, November 6, 2008

Link hands and sing kumbaya, Obama's Pres

Wandering the intarweb I looked over at Paco's little assortment.

There he mentioned Currency Lad's take on the US Dems, and the sudden abundance of civility and all-encompassing kumbaya which seems to have broken out on the left.

(And OMG! CL has my humble blog on his blogroll! I'm honoured! It's always a buzz to get a link from such an eloquent penman!)

Sharpe's Sortie

Kev Gillett



Richard Sharpe said...

I said something similar, although not as well or as fiery.

Anonymous said...

Kae, I meant to add your blog ages ago but I confess to being lazy about sidebar fiddling. My apologies. Your own link to my blog is much appreciated.

kae said...

Well, CL, I read it, as I read the others linked there, and I think it's very much worth sharing with others!
And the word I was looking for when I mentioned you was "wordsmith". Dang-it!


kae said...

Oh, and Richard... I read yours first... and the thing which popped into my head for both of them and a lot of the other commenters I've read about Obamamessiah's elevation have made me think about how everything's going to be all right now, and we should all just join hands and sing kumbaya...