Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Stealilng my security

The times dictate the level of protection from danger which should be exercised by the authorities.

In the UK , David Davis, former Tory Shadow Home Secretary and Chairman of the Conservative Party resigned on June 12, 2008. He had decided that the new Terrorism suspect laws, the Labour Government's Counter Terrorism Bill, was wrong and he could not agree with it. He planned to run for reelection on a campaign based solely on the issue of the "erosion and slow strangulation of British civil liberties by the Labour Government".

I think he could have chosen a better bill to protest about, but I guess the Counter Terrorism Bill would be the one which would garner more support from all quarters - except perhaps his own conservative team. It certainly wouldn't upset the presbyterians or the greens or the hippies.

Read this article about the part an Australian song played in his decision.

I've heard the song, it has a good sound, but it's a shame it's been used for this protest against protecting people from Terrorism - won't get any presbyterians, greenies, etc complaining about that. Why not jack up about the introduction of Sharia in the UK, or the lawlessness of certain areas/groups, or the acceptance that some people are different and should be treated differently due to culture, ethnicity, religion and so on.

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