Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Tathra wharf tragedy

Father, two sons drown in Tathra wharf tragedy.

Story is the 4 year old accidentally pushed the pram with the 18 month old into the water.

OH&S Will probably want to fence off all wharves now.

Name released.


Anonymous said...

Don't give them ideas Kae. Next they'll be suggesting metal paving and shoe magnets, plus the fences.

We need these intellectual giants in local Government to protect us from ourselves. Mehaul

kae said...

G'day, Mehaul.
I'm amazed at the crap someone putting up a roof now has to assemble for safety.
How did they survive before the roof scaffolding and being tied to the roof?
Next they'll need to be belayed!
Just in case.
Does the additional safety stuff cause them to be a bit blase about the danger?

Anonymous said...

Kae. A family member was renovating her house in Brisbane and decided to put a lap pool down the side of her house. No problem.

Later she built in under the old Queenslander and the architect designed lovely, large sliding glass doors so that she and her family and guests could access the pool from the side of the house. Big problem.

It seems the local council thought that was too big a risk for children to access the pool and drown. So everyone has to walk out a farther entrance, over the back yard and through the pool gate.

They suggested locks on the doors, reducing the sliding doors to one and other ideas, but no the 'we'll tell you how to live local council' won the day and their life style has been impinged upon in Summer. Useless, slimy, Government bastards. I hate them. Mehaul

Skeeter said...

Me too, Mehaul.
The big problems started when they changed from being councils to governments.
Councils were formed to provide services and infrastructure for the local community, paid for by landowners' rates.
Local "governments" have now become giant governing bureaucracies that have given themselves the role of telling us what we can do on our private property and ruling our lives to suit their agendas. They have hired a huge force of inspectors to police us. GCC Council is even using satellite imagery to detect illegal erections.
The provision of services and infrastructure has become completely secondary to policing and enforcement.

kae said...

Mehaul, I was going to tell you "Ask Skeeter about local government".

Oh. My. Goodness!

They can see into our bedrooms, too? Voyeurs!

Skeeter said...

Kae, just after we bought this property in 1986, I built a steel shed to house farm equipment. It was all done in complete compliance with local government rules and they sent out an inspector several times to look at the progress.
When it came to the "Final" inspection, the inspector refused to pass it because the downpipes from the roof gutters finished about 3 metres above the ground. He said I would have to extend them to ground level and then underground some distance so the stormwater would be carried away from the shed.
I pointed to the concrete pad I had prepared ready for a rainwater tank that would be placed under the downpipes to catch the rain.
The inspector's response: "Well if you promise that you are going to put a tank on the end of your erection, I can give you final approval."

kae said...


Oh dear!

Anonymous said...

Skeeter. The saddest of all was your experience with the escalating Council costs of the land you wanted to subdivide for your son. And the smirky moron who said after you had wasted a lot of hard earned cash 'sue us you would most likely win'. Hope you're well. Mehaul