Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Turnbull sinks in my estimation

After this we got this.

Malcolm Turnbull, wimp.

Why apologise for something said by someone else which was a statement of fact?


Skeeter said...

Politicians on both sides are often constrained and cannot always say exactly what they really think. What Turnbull has achieved with his "repudiation" of Howard's comment on Obama, is spelt out in the article:

Mr Turnbull's actions clear the way for the Opposition to renew its attack on Mr Rudd in Parliament next week over claims he leaked an a embellished account of a phone call with Mr Bush regarding the recent G20 meeting in Washington.

Now that Labor's blocking move has been negated, let's hope Mr Turnbull continues with his attack on Mr Rudd's astonishing gaffe and eventually forces some sort of acknowledgement from the government.

Anonymous said...

"Turnbull sinks in my estimation."

He never was on a pedestal as far as I'm concerned.
Only joined the libs because labor wouldn't have him.

I'm not gonna vote in the future either! stuff the lot of them!