Thursday, November 27, 2008

Update - Mum

Mum had "nuclear iodine" treatment for thyroid cancer on Monday.

She's good. No nasty side effects.

Geiger reading Tuesday 46, Wednesday 27.

Public hospital, food's awful (comes cold, she has to microwave it herself), hasn't had a decent cuppa for days.

In isolation until today, they'll let her home, but she mustn't be within arm's length of anyone for another 5 days. No cooking for anyone* except herself. Flush toilet twice.

Damn. I forgot to ask her if she was glowing in the dark, and if anyone had taken any pix of same. Sorry!

*Brother is staying with her, he's not happy. She's his Mum, cooking his food's her job! (He's joking.)


Anonymous said...

Best wishes to your Mum...and to all.

kc said...

Inquiring minds wanna know about that 'glowing' thing, Kae!

And one plainly nosy lil broad in Florida!

(and best wishes to your mum AND your brother!)

Skeeter said...

Best wishes for your Mum's speedy recovery.
Can you get direction-finding Geiger counters?
'Twould be handy to track her down if you lose her in the shopping centre — as I did Mrs Skeeter this morning.

kae said...

Hi guys, thanks for the good wishes. I'll phone her at home tonight and ask her about the glowing in the dark thingy.
Skeets, post pack thisarvo... post tomorrow, arrive Monday... if I can remember the addy... It's written at home on the calendar, I hope!
About losing mums while shopping, I'm 5' 6 and a half inches. Mum's just a quarter under 5ft. I was ALWAYS losing her, I threatened to strap one of those dune buggy flags to her if she got lost! She wanders off and now I know how Mum's feel when they lose their kids in the shop!
he he

splice said...

Public hospital, food's awful (comes cold, she has to microwave it herself), hasn't had a decent cuppa for days.

For once this isn’t a hospital funding issue. They know what they’re doing, Kae.

They sit the plate of cold tucker on your mum’s lap and by the time she picks up the knife and fork, the food’s steaming hot!

Give your mum my fondest wishes.

Oh, and tell her that while she’s sitting around watching the paint blister and peel off the walls, perhaps she could busy herself by writing a book? I’d suggest a title along the lines of Grammar 4 KidZ Wif Stolen Fonez


kae said...

Hi Splice
She fibbed. She told me that she used the microwave!
Hmm, she's not from Penwiff, and I only sound like I are.

Anonymous said...

"and I only sound like I are."

Showing off again are you?

"and I only sound like I is." aint good enough for you

kae said...

No no no!


I only sound like I are


I only sounds like I is

getcha grammer rite, sheeshkabobs!

Kaboom said...

Kae, I hope your Mum shrugs off this inconvenient shit, and lives to see the seas attempt to rise against The One's impassioned pleadings.

Or else, to the next Federal election at the very least!!!

All the best,

Minicapt said...

My teacher on 7th grade was Mr Geiger; ha also taught math ... (scrypot??)


kae said...

D'ya think that's a medical condition, Mini? I've found the id thingies can be quite amusing (and insightful).

kae said...

Oh, and Mum said thanks for all your wishes.

And Kaboom, she's assured me she's gonna outlive me.