Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Web access down thismorning

There's so much to talk about!
Will get onto it later, sorry!

No links, but these are some of the things, recently in the news, which I want to post about:

AM on ABC today:
Gordon Brown - bank bail out AND tax cuts... How's he going to afford that (a bit like spending the surplus... what will the ALP do next year when the surplus is gone?)
Fromelles/ Pheasant Wood mass grave of Australian and British soldiers - the remains will be DNA tested by Aus and British government to identify them. Good. Those who say "Waste of money", just look at "Grocery Watch" outlay...
Nick Xenofon talks about Fuel Watch, which is expected to be defeated in the Senate today - hurrah!
. Done.

Chipping and desexing cats (kittens) and dogs (puppies) at point of sale, how? Puppies are usually sold after 6 weeks or more. They can't be desexed until they are six months old... I think. Besides, I had a bitch spayed at 8 months or so and her bits were so small the vet actually asked me if I was sure she was that age...

13 year old takes doctors to court to stop them from giving her a heart transplant - she's been in hospital so much in her life, she's suffered a lot, and does not want the heart transplant because it may make things worse and she may die. It is her right. (Then again, she's only 13 years old... I don't know all the circumstances.). Done.

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