Wednesday, December 24, 2008

ABC AM 23/12/08 - Warner Music pulls the pin on Youtube

Well, memo to Warner Music, and others.

I look on Youtube for music to hear the whole thing before I purchase. I don't download music I like and want, I buy it. Either the album in CD or from iTunes. If you stop us from hearing the music in full you might lose some sales. I also link to Youtube songs to share, often others will buy after hearing a tune recommended to them.

More on ABC AM 23/12/08
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Zimbabwe, catastrophic to perilous: Smith

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Local council spends thousands on catastrophe report
PETER CAVE: Just how prepared should suburban councils be for the possibility of a tsunami hitting their streets or a meteorite crashing onto homes?
Mmm. I think they've been watching too many Inconvenient Truths... I can just see it, tidal wave in Alice Springs, Ayres Rock swamped!

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