Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Absolute insanity; no protection of Australians at all

This was on the news thismorning and I was quite cranky about it.

ASYLUM seekers could be released from immigration detention before authorities have established their identities under a proposal put forward by federal politicians.

MPs and senators from both sides of politics have endorsed a report that says authorities should consider releasing unauthorised arrivals if they have been in detention for more than 90 days, even if it's not known who they are.
Who are these idiots?

Illegal immigrants have broken Australian law.
They are here illegally.
In many cases they arrive with no identification papers at all, having destroyed them to protect their identities and prevent being sent back from whence they came.

I see that the senators and MPs supporting this seem to think that everyone arriving in Australia should just have the borders thrown open and be let in.

They can not do this. What is the point of having immigration checks and refusing entry to some people when illegals can be set free in our society after 90 days?

There was also bleating about appeals taking too long, and they've been instructed to ensure that the appeals are heard quickly. The report I heard also said that "asylum seekers" should only be detained for 12 months.


Wand said...

I think there may be one, two or three possible applicants from Mumbai under this new policy.

And with a few inflatables, the Opera house steps would be a good landing place.

Wand said...

Make that five

Margo's Maid said...

Stay in Australia for long enough, eat slushies all day and say nothing, you're in. Sweet.