Friday, December 19, 2008


We're doomed. DOOOMED I say.

The minimum temperature here today was 20C. (possibly under 20, if it was 19.5 and up it shows as 20C).

Today it was 38.4C. I arrived home at about 6pm and it was still 38.4C. The temperature rose 18 degrees from about 5am to about 2pm.

It's now7:20pm, and the temperature is a warmish 30.1C.

It's dropped 8.3 degrees in just a little over an hour.

Global warming.

We're all gonna die.

Update 8:35pm it's now a toasty 25.5C. Hotter inside than out.

I got my new laptop today and I really should muck around with it so I don't have to be in this hot room mucking around on the PC.

Update almost 11:40 and I'm getting used to a flat keyboard... who am I trying to kid? Sheesh.
Just have to load the MS Office and she'll be apples.


LBB said...

One hundred years ago it was only 19.4, 37.8, 29.5 etc, etc...

kae said...

I know. See, we're dooooooomed.