Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Electricity prices in Qld, deregulation, ministers who are dills

Electricity price increases mooted in Qld for next financial year, 14% has been requested.

Lawrence Springborg says he will defeat the bill.

Energy Minister, Geoff Wilson, on ABC Mornings with Madonna King was having shreds torn off his "argument"... it appears that the energy minister keeps telling us how much better off we are with deregulation, how it's given us choice, and a whopping 500k people have availed themselves of changing their provider...

Radio caller says there's no competition, looking at the eleven providers on the website.

I wonder how, by introducing another middle-man into the equation, we can charge less for the product or service when there are more who need to get money from the product or service.

The Energy and Mines Minister is a dill. Anyone in Qld who has heard him knows.


He said deregulation had worked - reporting that 514,000 people had exercised their right to shop around for a cheaper energy price.

"If they did not have that choice they would be forced to pay that maximum cost," Mr Wilson said.

"It's certainly helped people make savings on their total bill."

Interim Consultation paper.
Second reading, Hansard, Geoff Wilson Minister for Mines and Energy.

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