Tuesday, December 9, 2008

F-18 Crash in San Diego, Cal today, 2 dead, 2 missing

More info here. Video. (Rightpundit)


ABC News (US)


mythusmage said...

3 dead now, according to local news. Pretty much the only story on 10News at the moment.

Pilot is in fair condition at the Naval Hospital in Balboa Park, debris scattered hither and yon. It's going to be talked about for some time to come.

kc said...

I shopped there - it was the closest Commissary to where we lived...it was Top Gun till just after we moved there, then changed to a Marine Air Base.


mythusmage said...


They found the toddler. Four dead now. It's been the lead story the last couple of days.

kae said...

Hi Mythus.
Some wombat on the radio thismorning was going on about how a rep of the US Navy (or whatever) said that it happened often.
The wombat's point was "OMG! Australia's buying this unreliable aircraft!"

I guess he doesn't remember the tales of the F111 when it was first bought by the Australian Government.