Tuesday, December 23, 2008

First they took away the public rose bushes....

SHELLS are being removed from a Mornington Peninsula beach after a foreshore committee deemed them too dangerous for children's feet.

Where will it end?

This is Occ Health and Safety gone mad!

And while we're at it, Rod Liddle hits the nail on the head with this piece in The Spectator.

In Santa’s grotto at a top London department store, Santa in his big white friendly beard sits on a bench — and there is a large ‘X’ marked on the bench a couple of feet away where the child is firmly directed to sit, allowing a wide corridor of clear and unsullied air between the child and the potential kiddie-fiddler from the North Pole, with his red cheeks, strange reindeer and unaccountable affection for children. Santa is not allowed to touch the child. The child is not allowed to touch Santa. Happy Christmas, war is over. This is where we are now.

This is where we are now. More here.

Thanks to Minicapt

(OK, I looked up how to spell beau, boo, ber, BAH! That bloody word.)


kae said...

Mehaul, you're evil.

I understand your point perfectly!

kae said...


Wrong thread.

Boy on a bike said...

Anyone ever thought of the idea of wearing shoes?


Anonymous said...


"wearing shoes?"

Not only that, but the whole schemozzle started with the greenies removing parts of the dilapidated retaining walls, instead of fixing them.

The level headed locals telling people to wear shoes or fix the walls to retain the sand.

Too hard for some.


RebeccaH said...

What an utterly depressing read, especially that article about the Santas.

Anonymous said...

But can I just say as a middle-aged male that I'm shocked at the amount of, let's call it anti-child sex stuff, often by middle-aged males, which is being revealed.

It saddens me deeply and I have no idea how a society can deal with what looks almost like an epidemic.