Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Kev's cuts will cut deep

Andrew Bolt's editorial is excellent.

So what is Rudd’s noble example to a deaf world going to cost you?

Rudd claims your cost of living will rise just 1.1 per cent a year, mainly through a $6-a-week hike in power bills.

He’s kidding you. Even Rudd seems to doubt his own there-theres, since he’s giving poor families almost double that in compensation, leaving singles and the rest of us to pay for the lot.

And there will be much more to come, because Rudd has left the real pain until after the next election. That’s when he’ll have to ramp up the cost of the new licences to emit carbon dioxide that he’s issuing if he wants us to reach his crazy target.

So in three years, he says, he may include petrol in his emissions scheme, to make it so pricey you’ll think twice about driving. Farmers will also be included later, and must then pay for all their belching and farting cows, sheep and pigs. That’s food prices up.

Then there’s the new technology you’ll have to fund - through extra taxes and charges - as we switch to less gassy ways of doing business.

And here’s the last and maybe worst of the costs of Rudd’s grand scheme.

From 2010, he plans to rip at least $11.5 billion a year out of the economy by charging business for a licence to emit carbon dioxide, hoping to price some out of the market or into “cleaner” technology, some of which hasn’t even been invented or trialled.

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Anonymous said...

It's great that the masses are going to be forced to consider their point of view beyond the emotional perspective. Howard nailed it 18 months ago. Rudd is flying by the seat of his pants. The media now has a job to focus itself (mainly the tv medium) on the subject and we should all have a lot of fun leading into the next election. As long as Barnaby Joyce is leading the coalition. He's the only one making sense at the moment. Mehaul