Saturday, December 27, 2008

A local tragedy, and some snippets on our degenrate youth

Four year old killed in farm accident (Tent Hill, Qld.).

A five year old does not "drive" a car (Newcastle, NSW).

Violent society (Vic).

Violent society (Browns Plains, Brisbane).
Disturbance, Browns Plains: Police are investigating a disturbance overnight on Bergonia Street, Browns Plains. Initial information suggests the incident was sparked by a loud party. It is believed a neighbour has approached six young men and confronted them resulting in an altercation between them and a passerby. At this stage three people are suffering non-life threatening injuries. Six people are currently assisting police with their inquiries. There is no further information at this stage.


Anonymous said...

Hi, kae, best wishes for the season.

I have to tell you, here in N'cle 5yo kids do occasionally drive cars to great destruction.

Speaking from personal acquiantance, having worked with the parents, one kid of approx age 5 jumped into the driver's seat at a local shopping centre while his mum (an ex-copper, btw) was at the bank.

He put the (automatic) car in reverse gear and stood on the accelerator, wiped out 2 cars and drove through a shop window. This happened in the early 1990s, with lots of witnesses.

The kid and his brother, who was also in the vehicle, survived unhurt as did innocent bystanders. Mum hasn't been the same since.

kae said...

Hey, Anon (which one?), hello!

Hmm. I still wouldn't call that driving... the kid, surely, can't be fully in control of the vehicle..

I can understand how Mum wouldn't have been the same again.