Monday, December 22, 2008

Vent here - OT Open Thread, or O/T Off Topic

There you go!

Whatever you desire you can talk about.

It was particularly cold in the offices where I work thismorning. One of the senior academics was in the corridor and a colleague passed me rubbing her hands together and saying how cold it was.
I agreed and added "It's global warming, you know." The academic thought that was quite amusing.


Anonymous said...

I am appalled at the recent price of Sumerian mead.

When Kevni hears about this, surely he will drop a few mill in the kitty as a subsidy.

It has to be more deserving than rubbish like $380K per "homeless person".

I'll go and live in a skip if Dear Leader slings me a $380K wedge. (Wouldn't be much of a downgrade from the Casa Pedro, but at least I would be able to afford a 50" Plasma.)

RebeccaH said...

I'll be glad when Christmas is over.

Actually, given our recent temperatures, I'm already sick of winter, and it just started yesterday.

Anonymous said...

You may be onto something there, Pedro. I was thinking the new statism is bad for business, but any aggregation of value is an opportunity.

20 years ago it was not possible to import TV's to India, except citizens flying in were permitted one TV as luggage. Entrepreneurs hired Calcutta street kids to fly to Hong Kong and bring back a TV. Demand was so high it was profitable to stock stores like this.

Is a niche market opening up?