Monday, December 8, 2008

Remember Pearl Harbour 7 December 1941

I was in Hawaii in Sept/Oct 1991. Pearl Harbour is an amazing place. It has an air about it.
There are other interesting places in Hawaii connected with Pearl Harbour and the war.
This is the view from Diamond Head to Waikiki.
This is the view back to the tunnel which you walk through to get into the crater for the walk up to Diamond Head. It's a bloody long way! The view is spectacular, as you can see.


kc said...

Been to the USS Arizona Memorial more than once. We lived in a residential hotel in Aiea at first (Sept 2000), could see the Memorial from the front door.

kc said...

Also, if I'm not mistaken - is that 3rd picture the National Cemetery of the Pacific? SUCH a beautiful place.

On Memorial Day (Decoration Day) every gravesite is decorated with a small American flag & a lei which was handmade by a volunteer...thousands of them. It is just breathtaking.

I'm going to be buried in the new National Cemetery in Jax, maybe I can find someone to decorate with lei once in awhile.

kae said...

Hi kc
The third pic is looking back at the tunnel you enter Diamond Head through, I think the other side of it is The Punchbowl (Cemetary). I think that's where The Bus dropped us off.

It was so funny. We asked The Bus* driver to tell us where to get off to go to Diamond Head and when we got off the bus he asked where we were from - as we alighted we had thanked him and wished him a good day. He was surprised, noone ever seemed to say thank you!

We also looked at Bowfin (the submarine).

At Pearl Harbour there was a Veteran who was telling his story to a group of people. Some foreign tourists talked through it (don't know if they were translating it, but they were near us and distracted us from hearing what the Vet had to say). The veteran had been on Arizona I think and narrowly escaped for some reason.

*The Bus on the Big Island in 1991 took you anywhere for the princely sum of 50c per trip.