Monday, December 22, 2008

Societal breakdown

Is this confirmation that our society is doomed?
Queensland's Emergency Services Minister says he is appalled by an attack on an ambulance on the Gold Coast this afternoon.

The ambulance's windscreen was shattered by a metal bolt which was thrown from an overpass on the Pacific Motorway at Palm Beach.
It isn't so much that it appears that an ambulance was on the receiving end, but that it happens at all.

I'm sure this kind of dangerous practise is recent, within the last ten years or so where we've seen the proliferation of cages around overpasses and bridges over motorways.

What is wrong with these people?


Skeeter said...

Is this confirmation that our society is doomed?

Anonymous said...

Doomed as long as we continue to catch these 'persons of interest' and let them go straight home to repeat the process. Then they grow up and get really bored and do more serious crime. Simple rationale but self fulfilling. Mehaul

Boy on a bike said...

What is wrong with these people?

Nothing a good flogging wouldn't fix.

kc said...

Wretched creatures been doing this in the States for quite some time, since the early 90's, I think? I've lived in 2 or 3 cities where the idiots had such fun. Another item on my "why I hate cities" list.

BOAB, I think flogging would be PERFECT!

bruce said...

We have an expression for this in (former) British countries, KC:

Bring back the birch!

(A birch cane was used to administer civil floggings until a few generations ago, a step down from the old 'Cat o'nine tails' and such of colonial days. They still sentence offenders in Singapore to a few licks of the birch...).

I wonder if you have anything similar?

Boy on a bike said...

I have heard Jeremy Clarkson also use the term "larch" instead of "birch".

kc said...

I don't think there's a particular saying - and if there is it isn't nearly as good as "bring back the birch." I may begin using that one myself!