Monday, January 5, 2009

Community service, a carbon pollution index for Qld

Usually I'm not home to watch the five-o-clock news. Probably a good thing. Today I caught some of it.

You know how we are treated to a UV index on summer days, as a community service. It's pretty useful I suppose. Well, it appears that Channel TEN News provides us with a carbon pollution report.


I kid you not.

Did you know that Queensland's Carbon Pollution has gone up 7,000 kg. I don't know how they're measuring it. Sounds like a crock to me.

There was more to the report, but I had other things to do.

no link, sorry.


Anonymous said...

Hi kae,
The way it's being calculated is quite simple, and reasonably accurate.

The power output of every power station is known, as well as the domestic and industrial gas consumption.

Also the amount of petrol used (sorry purchased) is known so it's a simple matter to calculate the carbon dioxide output of all the energy sources.

The question is though, how relevant is this to the climate?
Can we really call "carbon" pollution?

I am convinced, that it's nothing, but spin, call something a pollutant and it instantly invokes an emotion, "Oh God how awful, we must do something about it!"


Anonymous said...

Sorry "invokes" should read "EVOKES"

I was thinking of invoking some higher power to stop this nonsense!

Anonymous said...

A carbon pollution report?


Channel Ten really is getting hot on the issues!

But just for the sake of comparison, will we get a daily uranium-235 index of France’s energy use? Or an estimate of Zimbabwe’s dung fire tonnage?

kae said...

Or cow-farts in India, etc.