Saturday, January 31, 2009

Fridge: update

I'm waiting for a new refridgerator to be delivered thismorning.

Then I have to drive down the coast. I hate that highway. Four lanes of sheer, lane changing-speed ignoring terror. The speed limit is 110, but many drivers go over that speed and many, I suspect through absolute terror, drive much more slowly than the state limit of 100.

I hope to be back not too late tonight. There's some stuff I want to say, and a story I want to tell. I haven't looked at the papers today, and won't have time before I go. I don't want to get home too late.

I must unload the large fridge and the tuckerbox freezer when the new frige gets here, no mean task (I suffer from a genetic condition endemic in my family, well, there's two. One we affectionately refer to as "flat surface disease", any flat surface becomes a home for all sorts of crap and paperwork and so on, and the other is hoarding - I believe this was triggered by Nanna's living in the depression. It does skip a member here and there, actually I think it skipped mum's gen, but it's got me. day....)

Back later.


Back sooner!
No fridge today - only one delivery person on weekends and he can't manage it on his own. He just phoned to see if someone's here to help him - I really can't. So it's postponed to a weekday, when I can organise it.
It's fine, the old fridge is still working.
So, now I'd better get dressed and head off to the coast.
The sooner I'm there the sooner I can come back.


Boy on a bike said...

Mum grew up during the depression. I spent my childhood having to very carefully unwrap birthday and christmas presents so that the wrapping paper could be re-used. The pantry is full of jars and cans of food 10 years past their due date. Everything we bought was used, re-used and recycled - long before it became fashionable. Every scrap of everything was put to some use.

kae said...

big balls of used string
big balls of silver paper taken off anything wrapped in silver paper (chocolate, etc) "for charity"
hoarding containers
keeping wrapping paper

I'm not that bad, most of my hoarding/packratting is stuff of sentimental value or stuff I might need later.

I believe there's no easy cure.

1735099 said...

Fridge moving's a doddle if you don't have to take it upstairs. Get hold of one of those three-wheeled trolley thingos.

Anonymous said...

My favourite is re-usable birthday / Christmas cards etc. Simply write on a post-it pad, stick it inside the card and voila - the card's perfect for re-use.

kae said...

I know of people who have recycled the same card between eachother for several years - it had a dial in it with the numbers and you set it to the age you wanted to show... I have my last birthday card from Dad, he didn't send it as he was hospitalised before my birthday (or he forgot), and I have many letters and cards with notes from my Nanna.
I can't throw them out!

Skeeter said...

Mrs S and I keep a folder of pristine cards under C in the filing cabinet. Whoever gets to it first is able to choose the favourite Wedding Anniversary card and that motivates us both to remember.
It also saves a trip to town if one of us forgets.