Monday, January 12, 2009

Funny, that

Those flags are yellow.

Look at those demonstrations against Israel.


Anonymous said...

Israel is the only successful country in the middle east. They would gladly "spread the wealth" to their Gazan neighbors in return for peace. Sadly, the Gazans would rather kill Jews than see their own families prosper. There will be no peace as long as the free people here in the US and your country and the countries around the world align themselves with murdering thugs.

kae said...

And the supporters of the enemy march under yellow flags.
Not surprising, really, when the enemy hides behind women and children, in schools and under hospitals.

Anonymous said...

Hamas is worse than cowardly. They hide amongst civilian populations not because they think they will be safe there. They do because they know that in order to protect her people Israel has no choice but to bomb schools and hospitals and mosques. They kill their own people for propaganda and the West gives them a pass.

wayne Job Broadford Victoria said...

There are not more than a few things that I would take up arms for, but one is for the rights of the long suffering Jews of the world to exist and live in peace.
To all worshippers of the moon god Al-Lah or Sin as in Sinai, worshippers of the black stone of Sin, the god with three daughters. The religion of disharmony and strife, push not your luck and our good will and kindness too far. The PC madness only covers a small part of the population of the Western world, the rest are getting p*ssed off with your b*llsh*t. There is change in the wind.