Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Israel/Gaza. An observation

Funny how lobbing rockets and bombs into Israel isn't news.

When Israel returns fire it's a international crisis which something must be done about.

That something usually involves sanctioning Israel.

This headline in the Jewish Chronicle amused me.

U.N. too late to fix Gaza crisis.
Hmm. That's typical of the UN. Late. Unprepared. Useless. Unless you're the despotic leader of a tinpot third world nation. Then they have a meeting and give you exactly what you want.


Anonymous said...

Did you read the response to the editorial in the Jewish paper. A defence of the UN's position by a classic relativist who doesn't answer any of the questions nor attempt to resolve the situation. Just a 'blond' defence of the UN and of course anti-Israel. Can't all these people go and play in front of bulldozers clearing land for new homes. Mehaul

RebeccaH said...

Ha! As if the Useless Nations could fix anything anyway. They're only good for sucking up tax dollars.