Thursday, January 29, 2009

Polar bears will adapt!

With the heat waves in Melbourne and Adelaide (or is that the same heatwave?), nevermind. Warmenists ponder the plight of polar bears.

It's been demonstrated that many animals adapt to changes in climate, particularly mammals, so with the heat of AGW (as opposed to the North American and other areas coldening of AGW), bearing down on us, I think I should show you a way in which polar bears will adapt.

Look at this:

Thanks to Skeeter

(Or is this "Shave for a Cure" to AGW?)


Anonymous said...


Kinda reminds me of a line in this song by Elmer & Daryl ("Minnesotans For Global Warming" ) where they say about/to the Polar Bears,

"One word - EVOLVE!"

steveH said...

If they'd only made the bear's skin black...

Caz said...


Caz said...

Oh, and I've shaved everything I can think of, other than my head, but I'm still melting into a small puddle.

Typical Melbourne, stuffing the whole of summer into a week, instead of spreading it over three months.