Thursday, January 8, 2009


Why do I think this is wrong and bad? Fair enough if it was some kids who had vandalised property... but any assault, or any action causing death should be treated differently. This is already happening in Australia, the elders deciding the sentence. In cases where only property is involved I think this is reasonable, and especially if it involves kids who may be put back on the straight and narrow.

ROSE VALLEY, Sask. -- A Saskatchewan man whose two young daughters froze to death after he drunkenly dragged them outside on a frigid winter night last year has won his bid to be judged by an aboriginal sentencing circle.

Considered a form of restorative justice, sentencing circles have existed in Canada for almost two decades for aboriginals. The suspects go before a jury of their peers to make amends through healing, apologies, punishment and treatment if needed.
Thanks again Pogs.


kc said...

Sounds like a 12 Step Recovery program!

RebeccaH said...

That photo made me wish I could slap the cigarette out of that stupid bastard's mouth and sentence him to prison for manslaughter. Which would happen in a just world.

Anonymous said...

Ah, behold!
The noble savage!