Sunday, January 25, 2009

Weather - at the moment I'm not enamoured of it: Bring on ICY Global Warming!

It's only 27C here thismorning. (That's inside the house. It's about 22 outside.)

However, the humidity is 75%.

Barometer is at 994 HPA.

Just did a bit of whipper snippering, I have to find the hose and repair it (tell ya that story later, in chronological order with all the other crap that's been going on for me lately.... just being messed about by people really, and it has been annoying and irritating!).

Consequently, I think I am melting.

Yesterday was similar, it got up to 33C, and the humidity didn't fall much below 60%. A shocker.
Storms in the evening which should have cooled everything down just passed by.

I am hoping today ends with a cooling storm, just after dark, to keep it cool.

Oh, the Hinze Dam tour is on next weekend, I have to wait for a whitegoods delivery so am unable to go, however, I have found a stand-in, if the tour ticket is transferrable.

Update: I don't usually like winter much, but up here winter is so mild, days don't get that cold, and I am really over the humidity, which makes life miserable. At least if I was near the ocean I'd have a cool breeze sometime!

And Floyd has learned* to climb over the gate. Anyone got a piece of perspex?

*not so much learned to, mainly persisted until he did it, only yesterday when Bundy was getting a haircut, ahem, pix later, Floyd leapt up and climbed over the @#$% gate. It's 4 feet high.

Update II:
Just as an aside, my hits have gone up to 25k - yeah, I know. Some of it has been shameless link whoring, but hey! I've got between 40 and 60 people who visit regularly and find me mildly entertaining/annoying enough to keep coming back.


Anonymous said...

watch that dog kae, we once had a blue healer and he could easily scale a six foot paling fence by taking a running start and using the horizontal rails pulled himself over.

it's all practice, and remember, dogs have all the time in the world.


kae said...

Oh, Orion! I don't know what I'm going to do with him.
I told you he was smart.
He's tied up under the pergola at the moment. That's where he'll have to stay until I can figure out what to do about his feats of escapology.
There are two leads joined together, one is tied around the post with the dog clip free, and the lead clipped to his collar has the handle attached to the other lead on the post with the dog clip.

He knows that that's where they join, he keeps lifting it up, I kept hearing it clunk on the concrete. I am SURE he's trying to get it undone, or figure out how to get it undone.

I've watched him!

Anonymous said...

Don't worry about that cross blog whoring, everyone does it and you're talking to like souls at the same time.

I was invited after my sensational success with the totally planned and executed 50,000th hit at Blairs, to have a look at Margo's Maid.

I hadn't been there before and now enjoy floating over it several times daily. So cross pollination has its benefits. You're destined for greatness. Patience and perserverance. Mehaul.

Minicapt said...

"I was invited after my sensational success with the totally planned and executed 50,000th hit at Blairs, to have a look at Margo's Maid."


kae said...

Psst, Mehaul
You know the links I have to other blogs on my blog? Well, they're ones that I like to read and I want to share them with everyone. Thing is, sometimes I can't put stuff up for a while, so, to keep any visitors amused they can visit my blog friends and have a look at what they have to say.
Mind you, sometimes I'm so busy I miss stuff on other blogs.