Thursday, February 5, 2009

ABC AM 5 Feb 09 - Update with links

Read about the giant fossilised snake found in Columbia (or should that be Columboa?) - first they say that the temperature 60M years ago was much higher than it is now. That's why the snake got so huge. It's some kind of python/constrictor snake.

Then the discussion progresses somehow to tha implications of this find on what will happen to us when AGW increases temperatures. (Yeah, we'll be eaten by hungry, giant snakes!)

Assuming the Earth today was not particularly unusual, the researchers calculated that a snake of Titanoboa's size would have required an average annual temperature of 30C to 34C (86F to 93F) to survive.

By comparison, the average yearly temperature of today's Cartagena, a Colombian coastal city, is about 28C.
Um. I see a problem here... there's a bit of a disconnect with the fact that temperatures 60M years ago were much higher than they are now. So. What caused it? The industrialisation of the snake world? Snake commerce? Hmmm? Yes, the industrialist of 60M years ago discovered AGW and just quit... that's what made them extinct. Obvious, huh?

You can hear today's programme here now, I'll put up the transcript links when they're available.


Latest Transcripts:
Updated Thursday, 5 February, 2009

Marathon debate in Canberra over stimulus package
Despite Opposition efforts to block the Government's multibillion-dollar economic stimulus legislation, the bills have been passed in the Lower House. And while the bills could face further delays in the Senate, some government money is already moving. Today the Prime Minister is meeting with state and territory leaders to hand out $22-billion for capital works projects.

Tanner says billions needed to treat economic emergency
The Finance Minister, Lindsay Tanner says Australia is in the middle of a national economic emergency and he warns there will be more misery for Australian workers, businesses and families if the Government's $42-billion economic stimulus package isn't implemented. He says the Government is committed to returning the Budget to surplus as soon as possible.

Turnbull focused on avoiding future Budget burdens
The Opposition Leader Malcolm Turnbull has labelled the Government's $42-billion economic stimulus package as reckless and a panic move. He says there's too much money at stake and if passed the debt will be an overwhelming burden for future generations.

Floods ravage Ingham cane fields
The Mayor of the far north Queensland town of Ingham speaks to AM about the latest on the rescue and recovery effort in the floods. He says it will take months for life to return to normal with homes inundated and sugarcane fields ruined.

Climate scientists look to Indian Ocean for reasons behind drought
Researchers say water temperatures in the Indian Ocean could be responsible for drought conditions in south-eastern Australian. The scientific findings challenge the role of the El Nino effect in the Pacific.

Ancient snake fossil provides revelations about climate
Scientists in Colombia have discovered the fossils of a snake that grew up to 15m long around 60-million years ago. Scientists believe the remains indicate the climate along the equator was a lot warmer than it is today.

Obama puts conditions on executives getting bailout money
The US President has unsettled the business community on Wall Street by imposing salary caps on executives whose companies receive government bailout money.

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