Sunday, February 22, 2009

Anyone watching ABC now?

There's an interesting programme about searching for Da Vinci mural The Battle of Anghiari and the man who was searching for it and found an amazing connection between it and The Adoration of the Magi.

Ignore the Dan Brown bullshit connection, this is interesting!


Wand said...

Hi kae...

Hah -- I happened to see most of if as I was flipping channels (avoiding some other work proposals that I've again interrupted to write this). Anyway I thought there was a 20/20 cricket game on (bushfire fund) and I deliberately skipped through the HD free to air -- came across the ABC and the Leonardo forensic stuff and watched it to the bitter end.

I wonder if Leonardo's mural is hidden in the Uffizi Gallery - fascinating stuff.

kae said...

I shoulda been mowing... I vowed I'd mow after three, then the programme started, I hadn't looked hard at the tv guide and thought, "I'll mow when it finishes... 4pm... plenty of time."
4pm it came and at 4:05, with the programme still running, I looked at the tv guide, it was due to finish at 4:40. Ok, I can deal with that.
Ten minutes later the breeze blew up and it got dark and it rained rather heavily.
So, there goes the mowing until after work next week, weather/water permitting.

It was a damned interesting programme, though, wasn't it!

I wonder if the mural is there, too.

Skeeter said...

Mrs Skeeter called me in to watch it and I got hooked too. However, as in many documentaries, there was too much padding, repetition and stretching out. I kept wanting it to get to the point and tell us the results of the research.
But the time was not entirely wasted because I was able to have three quite decent naps and not lose my place in the plot.
After it was finished, I went out to mow the bog. The lawn now looks like a rally track that has been raped by hoons.

Anonymous said...

I didn't see much of it, but can it be believed? From the little I saw, I thought this is the stuff that Phat Phil prescribes to.

It was after all on our ABC. We can't have it both ways.

I was watching factual stuff....Qld coming from behind to win the national limited overs cricket final. No confusion there. Mehaul.

1735099 said...

Don't miss Top Gear tonight - they're in Vietnam. Should be hilarious.

kae said...

Why, numbers?