Monday, February 16, 2009

Dead tree newspapers

I like reading them, I just don't have time.

OK, I exaggerate. I like reading one.

Hmm. Well, not the whole thing. There's a lot I throw out.

The annoying thing is that today is the first chance I've had to read the Weekend Australian Magazine. And because the paper stayed rolled up until Sunday (it's issued and delivered* on Saturday), I didn't realise that it was very, very wet (it rained all day Friday and Saturday). The Mag is a glossy insert in the newspaper. When it gets very wet and stays wet androlled up the pages stick together.

I'm sure there's some interesting stuff in there... so here's the link.

Labour of love
Fostering is the ultimate form of altruism. But with ever more children in Australia being removed from troubled families, and a despera...

Pretty dangerous
Lady Renouf courts global attention as the attractive face of Holocaust denial. But Peter Wilson has questions about her own past.

Story Lines: The wolf at the door
Buying a rustic farmhouse in Italy brings great rewards - and risks - writes Amanda Austen.

UpNext: Chris Isaak, musician
In his best lonesome cowboy tenor, Chris Isaak breaks into a heart-rending rendition of Blue Darlin' just as we sit down for our ...

Phillip Adams: False doors of Egypt
The Colossi of Memnon are blowing bubbles. For thousands of years the increasingly dilapidated giants have sat side by side in what the ...

Susan Maushart: Tools paradise
With three teenagers in the house, I've been feeling powerless more or less continuously since, oh, 1990. So when the lights went off re...

Ruth Ostrow: Car park miscarriage
It was a sight that would have made many people shudder -- especially in this economy. A huge, energy-guzzling luxury car, much bigger t...

Taste: Joys of steaming
Steaming is a quick, easy way of cooking that not only retains and enhances flavours, but is healthy to boot.

Taste: Sherry by any other name
Oh, the irony. Just as we start to fall in love with sherry again - look at all the pretty things sipping chilled glasses of fino in tre...

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