Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Floyd got stuck in the fence on Monday. I lifted him out and untangled him and took him to the vet and he's fine. Silly boy.

He'd tried to get over the fence, no doubt where he'd been escaping since I put the barricade up on the gate. He'd done the usual and when he walked his back legs up and to the top of the fence he'd got one back foot stuck in a double wire. When he jumped flopped over the other side his foot was stuck up the top. He managed in a few seconds to put his front paw through the wire and his head and hold himself up so his whole weight wasn't pulling on his back leg. The fence is 4ft, but he wouldn't be able to reach the ground with his foot stuck. He yelped quite severely so I raced out to see what he'd done (I thought "snake!"). I picked him up, he was pretty calmly hanging in the fence, and untangled him, speaking quietly to him all the time.

The vet checked him over and said he looked fine. He'd stopped limping on his back leg within about an hour of the accident. She weighed him, he's 16kg, and she prescribed three days of anti inflammatory drug to help with pain.

I've got a neighbour to replace the reservoir for the ball-cock drinker I have in the dogyard so I should be able to put up the electronic wire to deter him from jumping the fence over the weekend. That should keep him safe, and I won't have to tie him up all the time, only letting him off for a run and a wrestle with Meg in the morning and the afternoon.

Floyd, Meg and Bundy. Bundy is 15 in April. He's apparently in pretty good nick for a dog his age. Poor old thing. Deaf and nearly blind, usually he's got long fur, but he's been clipped.

Meg and Floyd.
Meg, Floyd, Bundy.

Do you think that the dogs are giving me the "eeeeeevil eye" in a couple of those photos?

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