Saturday, February 21, 2009

I guess he was bored...

Floyd's work on Thursday and Friday while I was at work.


Grass is in dire need of mowing/snipping/rounding up, but it's been wet every other weekend. This weekend won't be any different from the look of it.

But the good news is that I was asked if I'd be interested in a secondment at a campus closer to home, I expressed interest if the offer was made. I received an offer on Friday. It will be great. The work is slightly different to what I do now, with some elements of my current duties. I'll be sitting with several committees as secretary, that'll be interesting. The secondment will be for almost 11 months. I've worked there before and really enjoyed it, the work they do is scientific... with animals, and I find that really interesting. As well as the academics who teach there. Not as abstract as my current school.

My usual place of work has just had a change of leadership and it looks like the new leader wants to put a broom through the staff... he can't see what the Admin staff actually do, so he's looking at everything. It'll be interesting to see if I have a job when I go back!

Floyd didn't use the mattock, rake and shovel to do his, er, work. He just knocked them over.


kc said...

Amazing the damage you can get away with causing if you're just CUTE AS HELL!

kae said...

Cuter, kc, he's cuter.


Minicapt said...

Looks like an 'entrenching tool', which could mean he is preparing a defensive position.


kae said...

That's it then. I must search for his little pack and dixies, I'll have to get to the bottom of this, for sure!

Kaboom said...

Kae, UQ with the big G attached - congratulations!

A hint for Floyd containment:

(1) Dig a hole in the paw path under the fence. No need to go too deep, 200 mm should do.

(2) Keep the spoil you have dug out.

(3) Do a rough volume calculation of the (i) width; (ii) length; and (iii) depth of the trench.

(4) Bury some spare bricks, roof tiles, old concrete offcuts, pavers and anything else in the trench which you want to dispose of which is reasonably solid.

(5) Buy a 20 Kg bag of Portland cement (or several, depending on the length of the trench) Allow $8per bag at Bunnings.

(6) Aim for a 5% volumetric cement dust component - i.e. if your trench volume (empty) is 200mm deep, by 300 mm wide, by 4 metres long, you have a volume of 0.24 cubic metres, then the cement dust component should be 5% of this, or 0.012 cubic metres, which happens to be 12 litres.

(7) Take a 1.25 litre Coke bottle (preferrably empty), and fill it up with the Portland cement dust. You will have to do this 10 times, to achieve the necessary volume rate.

(8) Mix the cement dust with the spoil retained in step (2).

(9) Once the spoil is tamped down around the hard stuff (see (4) above), water well.

(10) Floyd would be a miracle worker to be able to dig through this....

Kaboom said...

Oh, I forgot to mention that you cut the top of the 1.25 litre Coke bottle, for ease of filling with cement.

Removing the top part makes the remainder of the bottle just about 1 litre in capaity.

Easy as!

kae said...

That latest archaeological excavation is near the pergola. His digs in the dogyard aren't really a problem, but thanks so much for the recipe for fixing them, that will come in handy, he's been digging near the fence in places and that must stop.
I just ducked out to the local large supermarket (Woolies) to see about buying a cheap garden hose. No fittings, just hose. Cheap hose. The only one they had was $19 with fittings - I need to split it and use it on some of the electronic Floyd the Flyer stopper wire. You used to be able to get just hose for about ten bucks. Arrgh!

kae said...

PS, I'll be more concerned when I see him fortifying the surrounds of the trench...