Sunday, February 15, 2009

Insiders 15/2/09

Insiders is on now. It focuses on the Victorian bushfires, and the stimulus package.

Andrew Bolt is on the programme.
Kerry-Anne Walsh.
Dennis Atkins.

The section on cartoons and images is interesting and humorous, the photographic images are amazing.

Insiders will be available here soon.

Read the comments I received from anonymous here. You're welcome to spin one back at him/her.

Found this at Tim Blair's. Bloggers of all beliefs and political stripes made this youtube video. It's good.

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Skeeter said...

I got the impression that two things have happened.
•There is a general acceptance that the carbon tax is a dead horse. If not quite dead, it won't be given CPR until after the next election.
•All four journos seemed to be agreeing on everything discussed.

Could it possibly be that the fires have shown the humans how little say they have in managing the environment? The fact that a few days' bushfires in one state emitted as much CO2 as nearly a full year's national human emissions must have helped.

Oh, and everybody is laughing at the greens. How foolish of them to call for the sacking of Barry Cassidy.