Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Millions Over $50 More than $31 Million raised to help bushfire victims

Aside from millions donated already ($14M I heard thismorning), another $1.908M was raised today with a radio hook-up between MMM & 2DAYFM, using their Australia wide networks.

I hate these radio programmes, and would rather bust my ear drums than listen to them under normal circumstances, but the cricket was on... and I'm getting tired of the CD in the car.

Good on them for their efforts. They also had television celebrities guesting on their shows. It worked, now the money will roll in for Red Cross.

Again, good on them. (Even though they did go naked for money!)

Today I heard that the amount was over $31M this is to the Red Cross, which is not the only group collecting, I think the Salvos are collecting, too.


Anonymous said...

Very good effort from all involved, kea.

Only wish it would be an other organisation handling the money, still have a sour memory of the Red Cross' handling of the money raised for the tsunami and other special purpose collections.
Maybe I'm a bit hard, don't know.

Pedro the Ignorant said...

The Red Cross seem to be aware of their appalling reputation and the negative publicity about Australian money after the tsunami debacle, and have gone to great lengths to reassure donors that any donations will incur no "administrative fees" and that a trust fund will be set up with independent trustees to ensure the money is used in accordance with the stated aims, i.e. direct relief to bushfire victims. Their website says as much.

I put aside my my distrust of the Red Cross in the face of these reassurances, and have kicked the tin as much as my finances allow.

God help them if I find out out that they have been paying "observers" to live in 5 star hotels in Melbourne and/or chartering private aircraft to "observe" the fire damage in Victoria.

I am not, and never have been, a "man of peace", and if I find out that they have pulled the same stunt with our donations as the tsunami appeal, noses will be spread over faces.

Years on from the tsunami, I am still angry over being conned by the Red Cross. It better not happen again.