Thursday, February 5, 2009

Oh FFS, give the PC crap a rest!

The OCA, a national organisation in the United States dedicated to advancing the social and political welfare of Asian Pacific Americans, called on the singer-actress to apologise.
There seems to be a fracking group for the promotion/prevention of everything these days.

Would these people be community organisers?

Looking for slights where none exist.

Form a group with a one-point focus and make a lot of noise about nothing.


Anonymous said...

Form a group with a one point focus...just like the Save Our Spit luvvies on the Coast. After they 'saved our spit' they then had to save something else. So the Ferris Wheel was damned as an eye sore and off it went. What next for our super savers. Mehaul. said...

So, ummmm slanting the news would also be, ummm, well you know.

RebeccaH said...

It was just a golden opportunity for the OCA to get themselves noticed, because I don't think anybody has ever heard of them.