Sunday, February 15, 2009

Queensland State Election

The adverts have started already.

14th March is rumoured to be the date.

I really, really hope so because political advertisements are the worst kind.


Anonymous said...

Please someone tell me that the LNP stands a chance. Please someone give me the confidence that the large useless inefficient, even dangerous bureaucracies that reflect all Labor Governments are about to go courtesy of a lean, mean, efficient LNP machine. No I didn't think so. It's about to be more of the same. With such a large % of the population now 'relying' on Government for their incomes, who is going to vote them out. Clever Labor. Stupid LNP. Mehaul.

Minicapt said...

12 May for us. And we have the Liberals as the party of 'hope' as well, as in "I hope the Dippers Lose again".