Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Palmer sues Qld Premier Anna Bligh for defamation

QUEENSLAND'S richest man Clive Palmer, who has accused Anna Bligh of defamation, donated $559,000 to the conservative parties last financial year.

Figures released by the Australian Electoral Commission on Monday show Mr Palmer's company Mineralogy donated $412,000 to the National Party and $147,000 to the Liberal Party.

He also provided $20,000 to the ALP in Western Australia.

Mr Palmer, who has mining interests in Queensland and Western Australia, is suing Queensland Premier Anna Bligh for $1 million over comments she made in an ABC television interview.

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Weekend Australian Magazine has an article on Clive Palmer. Power Play, January 31, 2009.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure this hag has some special government immunity. It would be very un Labor like for someone at her level to let fly without an assurance from her legal counsel that all is OK, your arse is covered. Palmer seems like the kind of guy who will move hell and high water (sorry for the Krudd quote) to make her feel uncomfortable. I hope he succeeds big time and that her legal problems happen around the time of the election. Maybe that's part of his strategy. Mehaul.

kae said...

I, too, hope she and the ALP are hoist on their own petard.

She started this shit, it would be appropriate if some of the ALP's skeletons came out of the cupboard around about election time.

For heaven's sake, the ALP in every state they remain in government should be toast by now, shoulda been toast a loooong time ago!