Wednesday, February 25, 2009

School bus driver has had enough!

When enough is ENOUGH!

It seems a sugary projectile was the final insult that resulted in the bus load of St Edmund's College and St Mary's College students presented to the front of the Yamanto station just after 3.30pm.
It would be a different story if the driver was distracted by the misbehaviour on the bus, or by dangerous behaviour (such as throwing things), and crashed the bus with the children aboard.

I have a question for anyone who defends the children. Do you allow your children to carry on like feral monkeys in the car when you are transporting them anywhere? Why should the bus driver tolerate this anti-social, unsafe behaviour?


bikeonaboy said...

Something similar happened down this way last year, and parents were outraged that "their little dears" could be accused of anything so heinous.

Junior came home talking about it, and we told him that if this ever happened on a bus he was on, we would support the driver's position by default.

I know what a bunch of 13 year olds are like - bloody mayhem. We told him that in most cases of adults dealing with children, the adults were right and the children were wrong - and he does his darnedness every night to prove that we are correct.

Steve at the Pub said...

We must have been right annoying little tykes. The school bus driver once stopped the bus and gave all the kids a belting.

Mr. Bingley said...

I got suspended off the bus for a month when I was 10 or so. I threw pennies at the bus driver. It got to the point where he had to wear a safari helmet.

Yeah, I was an asshole.

kae said...

SATP, Mr Bingley, I don't for a moment believe that little RWDB's were EVER annoying little tykes or assholes. Not. At. All.

Not. For. A. Moment.

Okay. Maybe a moment.

mythusmage said...

In woodshop we all, everyone of us, took it as a challenge to egg on our instructor, to the point we got a paddling. Which we did.

We'd take our whacks, then walk back to our seats to the cheers of our fellows. And we never annoyed the teacher the rest of the school year.

We won our badge of honor, he proved how serious he was about behavior. We got our kudos, he laid down the law. None of us thought it prudent to rouse his ire a second time.

You could also trust us with equipment and machinery I don't think most people today would trust 13 year old boys with. We knew the consequences of fooling around with drill presses and bandsaws. Never mind amputations or major mutilations, the possibility of getting a blistered butt is what detered us.