Saturday, February 28, 2009

Senior moment

Best senior moment yet.

Arrived home on Friday afternoon at about 6:30 after picking up a little shopping and some fish for dinner. Drove under the carport and felt aroun in the car where I always leave the house key... not there. Crikey! Where is it?

Then I remembered the morning*...

I walked across the patio to the front door, key in lock, door wide open.

All valuables still inside house.

I love living in the country.

*The car's windscreen washers needed refilling, the plants needed watering and I thought I'd do that then go back and lock the door... then I saw the time and became distracted.


The phone and the remote are NOT interchangable.

Mum phoned... I didn't get to the phone before she hung up. I called her back. She'd forgotten what she called me about.

LOLZ - I do that all the time, and I'm 24 years younger than her.


bikeonaboy said...

You should try this sometime.

Go to supermarket.

Buy lots of stuff.

Pay for about 10 bags of stuff.

Walk home with no shopping.

RebeccaH said...

Or sleep in a hotel room and discover you left the hotel key in the lock all night.

kae said...

LOL BOAB and RebeccaH
I frequently go to bed and leave the key in the front door... on the outside. I think I've done the motel key thing once - or the ex did. (Good thing I live in the country!)
As for the groceries, I was shopping one day, bought about 100 bucks of stuff (two or three bags, not lots of stuff, huh!)and then walked away from the checkout without the trolley... the next customer had to chase me.

Distracted, again.

Dminor said...

My trolley was abducted by aliens last week. Left it in one fruit aisle, came back no more than a minute later and pooof! absolutely nowhere to be found, and believe me, I searched all around, very quickly.

kae said...

D, you sure it was a senior moment? Sounds like alien abduction or commom theft to me.

Although I've done that with my car a few times... but eventually found it when I realised I hadn't parked it in the usual area.

)))red face(((