Monday, February 2, 2009

Who wrote the Rudd essay?

Interesting article in the Aus from David Burchell today.

The most visible author-figure - who, for convenience I'll call Rudd 1 - is clearly a political firebrand of the old school. He has a grievance against the whole kilter of the contemporary world. Ever since the 1970s, Rudd 1 insists, the planet has been in the grip of a messianic political philosophy, an ideology so bleak and perverse that it has now brought our societies to the brink of the precipice. Neo-liberalism allows no logic in the world other than the logic of markets. All government activity is illegitimate and demands to be displaced by the workings of pure markets, which will then whirl in celestial bliss, like the harmony of the spheres. Further, by a series of intellectual leaps too complicated for me to repeat here, this same political philosophy has underlaid all of the activities of global finance over the past three decades. So the monetary policies of former US Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan can be viewed as nothing less than the logical working-through of the political philosophy of Friedrich von Hayek, now revealed as a gigantic species of intellectual fraud.

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