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ABC AM Today 4/3/09

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Updated Wednesday, 4 March, 2009
Witness accounts of Lahore attack It's emerging that the quick thinking of a coach driver helped save the lives of the Sri Lankan cricket team attacked by gunmen in Lahore in Pakistan yesterday. As well, there was a degree of good luck as the gunmen missed their target with a grenade launcher. Several Australians travelling with the Sri Lankans had lucky escapes.

Former Pakistan coach Geoff Lawson shocked by news
Pakistani police are searching for up to 12 gunmen who killed six police and two civilians. Former Pakistan coach, Geoff Lawson is shocked by the attack and predicts a dire future for international cricket in Pakistan.

Australia maintains travel warning - Smith
Australia's Foreign Minister, Stephen Smith was recently in Pakistan and he's been briefed on the situation. He's very concerned about Pakistan's security in general.

Legendary Pakistani cricketer ashamed by attacks
The attack has not only damaged international cricket but Pakistan's wider reputation. Former Pakistani cricket captain Imran Khan says he is deeply ashamed by the attacks and has slammed the poor security provided to the Sri Lankan players.

Swan flags deteriorating economic growth
The Treasurer, Wayne Swan says the world has seen the sharpest synchronised contraction in our life times in recent weeks, and it will likely have an effect on Australia's national accounts. He won't say whether he's expecting the economy to contract when the figures are released later today.

Brown spruiks new deal to Obama
The British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has taken his calls for the US to spearhead a 'new deal' style rescue package to the White House. But critics of the plan say while it'll benefit countries in Europe, there's nothing in it for the US.

Calls to extend first-time home buyers boost
Despite gloomy predictions for the economy, first-home owners have triggered a mini-boom in the lower end of the property market. There are now calls for the Federal Government's First Home Buyers Boost to be extended beyond the June 31st deadline.

Gee, thanks for that. Means that house prices are artificially increased by the grant amount.

Vatican welcomes Darwinists
The Catholic Church has invited scholars of Darwin's theory of evolution to the Vatican for the first time. Scientists, philosophers and theologians will debate the compatibility of Darwinism and Catholicism at a five-day conference.

Property purchase pays off for Darling River
The Federal Government says the controversial purchase of the property Toorale, near Bourke in New South Wales, has paid big dividends for the environment of the Murray-Darling river system. It says the purchase has allowed more than eleven-billion litres of water to flow downstream.

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