Thursday, March 26, 2009

ABC Q&A 26/03/09

Tonight's panellists
Stephen Conroy - Minister for Communications
Greg Hunt - Shadow Minister for Climate Change
Andrew Bolt - Provocative Columnist
Louise Adler - Publisher
Susan Carland - Muslim Sociologist

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Golly, I can't wait for the transcript!

Did Louise Adler say that part of the right to freedom of speech is the freedom of people to publish child pornography pictures? I did hear her say that, didn't I? Publish the photos, Andrew suggested pictures of that old bloke having sex with his daughter... and then Louise suggests we then argue about it... Someone else said that we should get to the cause of the paedophilia and fix it that way. OMG. I guess that's the same someone who wants to know why terrorists hate us!

Conroy talked about the wikileak leaked list. It's NOT the list. He was asked why, then, is the list not given out so that people can see what's banned... he said that would defeat the purpose of the list.
Um, is he related to the Victorian Water Minister who said that a new dam would have been pointless as it wouldn't be full, just 1/3 full like the rest of the Victorian dams. (Imbecile is too kind a label for him.)


Ditto Louise.

Greg Hunt back in the good books... for a while...

Tony ARRGH, for facilitator he certainly puts the leftist side forward all the time!

And I didn't find the Pauline Hanson piece at the end terribly funny, either.


Anonymous said...

Sorry kae I stopped watching when AB defended Conroy, early in the piece, saying "Oh he wouldn't do it if it was that bad" or something to the effect.


kae said...

I think AB was having a dig at Conroy.

You wouldn't let that happen. You wouldn't be that stupid. Surely.

Planting a seed perhaps?

Anonymous said...

Don't thinks so kea,
In the context, he meant what he said.
He started off with "We hear a lot about this proposed ban but we don't even know any details about it ... and that he said, if it would be so deleterious "he" meaning Conroy would not introduce it.
Anyway, it doesn't matter, just that sometimes we seem to assume a lot.
I have to keep in mind, that not all is as it seems.