Monday, March 30, 2009

Am I supposed to feel sorry for him?

Nick D'Arcy sounds like a thug.

He said "I've never done that much damage hitting someone just once."

What do you think?

Simon Cowley said today tomorrow that he didn't slap Nick D'Arcy.

Simon Cowley, the Commonwealth Games gold medallist who suffered terrible injuries when fellow swimmer Nick D'Arcy attacked him in a Sydney bar, denies he started the fateful incident.

Cowley, 28, was left with fractures to his jaw, eye socket, hard palate, cheekbone and nose after the pair clashed in an inner-Sydney bar in March 2008.

More here.

Roosters fine players for drinking before a game.

I heard about this on the news thisafternoon.

These "elite" sportsmen are supposed to be adults, and those who are younger, how are they going to learn self control if they're molly coddled by their clubs, with rules about everything?

The Sydney Roosters have suspended forwards Willie Mason and Nate Myles for one match for breaking the NRL club's in-house alcohol rules.

Mason and Myles admitted to drinking at home on Sunday, which contravenes the Roosters' policy of players only being able to drink alcohol the day after a match.

The Origin duo will miss the Roosters' clash with Parramatta this Friday night, and will instead play for feeder club Newtown Jets.
Read more here. If they have alcohol before the game and there is an expectation that they will not drink before a game they need to be suspended from the game. If they bring disrespect upon their club their punishment should be severe.

If sportsmen break the law, drunk or sober, they should be taken care of by the law.

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