Sunday, March 8, 2009

Another audience with the PM - tonight

Where he's going to share his hints and tips to ease us through the not-recession.

It's not programmed so it must be a part of the Sunday Night programme.

Oh, goodie. I can't wait.

I found some information on it here.

Seven has just announced another news special for 6:30pm Sunday night, Minding Your Money: An Audience with the Prime Minister.

The half hour special, to replace The Outdoor Room, will see PM Rudd talking to a forum of Aussies in a pre-recorded special filmed on Sunday afternoon.

Seven says there will be “no moderator, no filter,” just the PM one on one with audience members. Last week’s hurried Financial Crisis Special did well for Seven, at over 1.4m viewers. Nine even dropped Battlefronts from its forthcoming schedule as a result.

No moderator? No filter?

Oh, I might have to watch.

Crash. And. Burn.


stackja1945 said...

Kev's CEO could gives us hints too.

stackja1945 said...

Kev's sh*t hits the fan.