Sunday, March 29, 2009

Dishwasher still leaking - Update

The new seal doesn't seem to have fixed the leak. It leaks as it fills with water, but doesn't leak when it's washing (and when I stop the water filling completely). I really need to get a new one, but I need a mobile one... and they don't make the kits any more and they don't make the dishwashers compatible with wheel attachments and backs any more. Arrgh!

At least the fridge is still working.

For now.

I have a ball-cock controlled stock drinker which I have had in the dogyard for many years. It was bought because the original dog, 48, was a lab/shep cross and a water splasher, a bit like Floyd! The half a 44 which I used to feed the drinker sprung a leak over two years ago and I've been using buckets to water the dogs (for two years before that I had the dogs living under the pergola because the yard was overgrown and the mower was broken for a long time).
My neighbour, a plumber and drainer from the UK, ret., fitted the hose fittings to half a 44 for me (one of the blue plastic ones), but the little rubber ring on the thing you click the hose on seems to be perished, at least I hope that's where the leak is from, if not I'll be really annoyed! Somewhere I have a little packet of those rings... in a safe place.


Anonymous said...

Which seal did you replace kae?

The seal most likely to leak is the one at the bottom, on pump shaft.
Not hard to replace if you know how.

Happens normally after a while but if you ever broken a glass in the dishwasher, it can cause it too.
(the filter is not all that effective)

Anonymous said...

I meant to say on the shaft of the motor!

kae said...

The door gasket.

That's where it's leaking from. When the water gets to a certain level it leaks from the bottom of the door. The seal/gasket was perished. Finally got a new one put in yesterday by a friend and the stupid thing is still leaking.
Doesn't leak when the water is washing, if I turn off the fill before it gets to a certain level, but it leaks when it's filling and gets to a certain level.

It leaked a long time ago, but then magically stopped, must have been some icky stuff stuck in the seal.

Bloody thing!

It is almost 12 years old so I'm not surprised it's going to pieces, the plastic shelves inside are deteriorating. I really do need to get a new one, but like I said, they aren't available!

Stupid manufacturers.

kc said...

" a safe place?" Euphemism for "I don't have a freakin' clue where I put 'em?"

kae said...

exactly, kc, exactly

and the safe place possie is getting more common as I'm getting older

mum visited ages ago and I'd bought her a phone sock for her mobile phone (months before that and lost it twice in a safe place...). I put the phone sock in a place I could easily find it to give to her and guess what?

My phone ran out of battery the other day, opened up the console in the car to get out the car charger and guess what I found?


Minicapt said...

If it's a baby seal, once over the head, hard.