Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Firefighter sacked for swearing

A FIREFIGHTER with 40 years experience has been axed for swearing during the Black Saturday bushfire crisis.

John Willis lost his job as captain of a Gippsland brigade for swearing on emergency radio when his crew allegedly ignored instructions and put their lives at risk.

The CFA said the fireman was stripped of his rank after at least two outbursts during last month's tragic inferno.

How very interesting after Tin Tin's little "slip of the tongue".

I know that there are very strict protocols which are supposed to be followed when using radio, but under the circumstances I think that this bloke should be cut some slack. After all, he was extremely frustrated as a crew under his command had disobeyed his direction.

Then again, knowing what I know about rescue organisations it may be that his demotion was a factional political thing internal to the CFA and they'd just been waiting for an excuse to give him the bullet.

Who knows.

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