Thursday, March 19, 2009

Floyd update - Mister Gorgeous - 7 months now

Actually, 7 1/2 months. (Click on the pictures to see the whole image.)


I really wanted to get a photo of him frollicking with Meg. He's so funny, he has me in stitches. He poses like martial arts... Kung-Fu-Floyd! There's a board on the back sliding flyscreen door. To stop the dogs from jumping against the flyscreen. He knows not to.

If he wants to look inside and see what I'm doing he will stand up on his back legs away from the door and look in...

if he's a bit upset he'll jump up and rest his paw in the door, gently, so there's no claws on the screen.

If he's annoyed with me he'll fling himself at the plywood board on the sliding door.

He barks at cane toads, it's the "Come and see what I've found!" bark.

I just heard some scratching, scratching, scratching, like he was digging on... plastic? Yeah. There's a huge plastic plant pot out the back and I use it as a seat when I sit with him. He was out there scratching at the pot. I asked him what was inside it (I've found frogs in it, they get in the hole in the bottom and can't get out, one dead one, but I've usually been able to rescue them in time. I lifted the pot and he's dropped a treat in there, through the drainage hole.

And he lets me know if he needs to go to the toilet. And he does his jobbies way away from everyone and everything. (And only in the dogyard.)

This is Mr Ecstasy after he's put his whole front end, including face and head, in the big tub I fill with water for him to "swim" in. Get all wet and roll in the grass. I suppose I should be grateful that he's not rolling in the dirt... I'm sure he would have if he'd thought of it.


Floyd is a stick dog. He's the first stick dog I've had. I'll have to find the piece of hose that I found to throw for him. I think it's buried in the grass near the pergola. Meg is a ball dog. She will bring it back so I can throw it again. Floyd doesn't fetch. He plays with the knotted rope toy. And the Meg toy.

Here's the first part of the afternoon routine. Running up and down the fence with Meg barking at him and running with him.



This is Bundy. He's very, very old. He will be 15 on about April 11th.



Egg said...

Awwh ... Bundy almost looks human in that pic ...

kae said...

Yeah, he was trying to see me and hear me.

He looks like the old fella who's left his ear-trumpet somewhere...
and his glasses.