Thursday, March 12, 2009

Mum's off on a cruise today

The Jet-setter is off to Florida (I think) to join a cruise. She'll be cruising for two weeks. I have been told where she's going, but I've forgotten. I hope she and her travelling girlfriend have a wonderful time - she always enjoys herself.

I know I should have written down where she was going!


Anonymous said...

I hope she has a great time. Is she over her recent setback? Mehaul.

kae said...

She's going really well, Mehaul.
Quite healthy, but not impressed with suddenly finding she needs medication for this, that and the other (mostly age-related infirmities, blood pressure, and so on).

Zardoz said...

As My Sainted Mother, soon to turn 90, is fond of saying “Getting old isn't for sissies”.

Skeeter said...

My standard response to anyone who complains about getting old is to suggest that they consider the alternative.

kae said...

Hm, it's not getting old that's annoying her, it's the suddenness of the onset of age-related infirmities... after 70 years of no medication except hayfever stuff, she's suddenly on calcium, blood pressure drugs, thyroxin, etc. She gets a fright when she walks past a shop and sees a little old lady in the window... because then she realises it's her!

She's slowed down in the past year or so!!!

kc said...

My mid-age pains all showed up rather sudden, too. That's what comes from paying very little REAL attention to whatever the doc says.

My mum isn't on any meds that I know of, Kae, at 75...but maybe should be? She simply refuses to go see a doc & comes from VERY tough stuff. Just had surgery on her eyes, will call & check on the 2nd one tomorrow, my sister mentioned it was kinda hurting.

Must be a cruise far south of here. Don't think we get the big ones...except for an occasional Navy carrier at Mayport, of course.

kae said...

Hi kc
I don't mind getting old, it's just that the onset of symptoms seems to be sudden. Suddenly some bits don't work and most bits hurt.
Then you start falling apart! Drugs which used to be optional (hayfever, etc) suddenly you have to take drugs for hypertension and so on. It's really annoying.

I'm not sure where Mum was going, she did tell me, but I've forgotten. She was going to do Alaska, but had to be there much earlier to do that cruise, too.

Skeeter, she's not complaining about getting old, but she's annoyed that age is slowing her down. And drugging her up!