Thursday, March 12, 2009

Q&A ABC Tonight 12/3/09 - Holy hell, they've found Maxine!

Tonight's panellists
Maxine McKew - The Member for Bennelong
Scott Morrison - Federal Shadow Minister for Housing
John Symond - Aussie Home Loans' Chief
Noeline Brown - Entertainment Icon
Tanveer Ahmed - Writer

Will someone please put their hands around Maxine's neck and just squeeeeeeeeze, please!

Maxine is the speaker. There are rules. The speaker is not allowed to speak.

Now that was a sensible move!


The token RWDB was pretty good. Maxine didn't like it when he got applause.

I think Maxine likes to hold the floor, too.

Oh dear, I'll have to read the transcript to get all the drivel that Maxine's spouted tonight. She seemed to hold the floor for most of the programme, and regurgitate all the good Kevin's done and keep saying all the "Hail Kevnis".




Anonymous said...

Noeline Brown. Must control the testosterone in male RL players.

Maxine McKew. giggle, giggle, giggle. Maxine looks at the table in front of her as she struggles to talk, make sense and maintain a line of thought. It's not working. She has now lost her line of thought and gone to another different story. Everyone else keeps smiling.

John Symonds says in 20 words what Maxine couldn't in 6 million.

Tony keeps asking about a total ban on alcohol for footy players.

Must go to bed. Mehaul.

kae said...

Maxine's a waffler (worse than I am!)

She talks in circles and says nothing.

I get the impression from some of the other panelists that they's like to strangle her!

stackja1945 said...

Ms Hogg does hog.

Egg said...

Max Hogg's Q&A ...