Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Qld Greens make me laugh!

Somewhere recently I was reading a vent by one of my fellow bloggers/commenters (not sure who, but they're 100% correct - Margos? BOAB? A commenter at Blair/Bolt?), wherein the blogger/commenter said "The Greens are in the unique position where they can promise whatever the hell they want, they don't have to deliver, they don't have to even explain HOW they could possibly deliver because anything they promise is "pie in the sky", because they will never have the power to make those decisions"...

I say, thank God for that! There seems to be no consideration at all of how they will pay for all their airy-fairy policies and projects.

Yesterday I listened to the Queensland Greens' Poster Boy, Ronan Lee, who was elected as a Labor candidate in Indooroopilly, but defected to the Greens. I hope he gets the arse, I don't mind that someone changes their alliegiences because usually it's because you grow up, move from the left-free-for-all, love-and-peace-and-fairy-dust side, become responsible and and find that you're more aligned with the centre right (a generalisation, but I think you understand what I mean), but not in the middle of a term. The right thing to do would have been to either finish his term or quit and change parties and then have a by-election, so that the people could choose who they wanted. Yes, I know it's expensive, I know it's inconvenient, I know it's annoying, but I think it's the right thing to do. Lee made the policy announcement on the ABC, just before the 6pm news.

I listened to the Greens Policy announcement and found it hilarious. First thoughts were "how?", then I remembered the sage information from the blogger/commenter who said "They can promise to do anything, they'll never be in a position to deliver, so they don't have to cost anything or worry about actually delivering." I'd love to find the announcement (a political advertisement on ABC), but I can't. So, here's their website with the policies...

Qld Greens election 2009 policy. (main site) Below are the direct links...

Queensland Greens Policies
Major policies of the Queensland Greens for the 2009 State Election.
Policies in Detail
and Environment

Change and Energy

Food and



Planning and


Just a taste:
Climate Change...

Read the measures (I'd post, but I have to format it too much.)

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