Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Still too soon for Samuel Johnson me

Samuel Johnson was on "Secret Life of Us".

He brought the whispery voice over in adverts and promos into vogue, somewhat like Warwick Moss' whispered "Believe it, Or not!"

Sam was overused as a voice over provider. The whispery voice voice over or narrator is very annoying. (Though I think with Sam it may be the way he talks all the time.)

Sam's back on narrating a true life murder programme tonight.

It's still too soon for him to be back.

It looks like Sam will be starring in Underbelly episodes soon. Or something which looks a lot like Underbelly, and he plays a bad guy.

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Dylan in France said...

Not really relevant but 'The Secret Life of Us' is one of the only TV shows from Australia that gets a regular gig on French TV.

The only other one I can think of is 'Heartbreak High'. My wife tells me that as a teenager she used to rush home to catch what is called 'Hartley High' over here and she (and her sister) used to swoon over Alex Dimitriades. 'Heartbreak High' still gets a run from time to time but 'Nos vies secretes' is a regular event on Froggy TV.

Weird, huh?